DENT ESTET acquired 60% of the shares of the Oradent clinic by Dr. Costea

DENT ESTET, part of the MedLife group, enters the dental market in Oradea by acquiring 60% of the shares of Oradent by Dr. Costea clinic


  • DENT ESTET consolidates its leading position on dental market, becoming the majority shareholder of Oradent by Dr. Costea clinic
  • The group reaches a portfolio of 14 excellence dental clinics in 7 Romanian cities
  • Oradent by Dr. Costea is market leader in Bihor County, according to turnover figures
  • With Medlife Group support DENT ESTET continues its national expansion strategy


Bucharest, (November 15, 2021): DENT ESTET Group, established leader on the Romanian dental services market, part of the MedLife Medical System, announces the acquisition of 60% of the shares of Oradent by Dr. Costea clinic, local county leader according to 2020 turnover.

Oradent by Dr. Costea becomes the third acquisition of DENT ESTET group in only one year, after Krondent (Brașov) and Stomestet (Cluj-Napoca) clinics.

DENT ESTET reaches a portfolio of 14 clinics in 7 important cities in the country: Bucharest, Timișoara, Sibiu, Brașov, Ploiești, Cluj-Napoca and Oradea.

Founded by Dr. Cosmin Costea, a dentist with competence in implantology, specialized in dental prosthetics and resident doctor in dentoalveolar surgery, Oradent by Dr. Costea clinic is the leader of the dentistry market in Bihor County, with a turnover of RON 3.1 million in 2020.

Respect for the patient, professionalism and passion for modern dentistry are values ​​which we found at the Oradent by Dr. Costea clinic, so we look forward to the future and aim to develop together, in Oradea, a Center of Excellence in implantology. We are glad that our business model, already recognized, attracts the interest of more and more prestigious clinics in the country. The partnership with Oradent by Dr. Costea is another proof of recognition of our valuable medical team, the involvement of DENT ESTET management in young physicians training, and investments made in digitalization, all these for the benefit of our patients,” said Dr. Oana Taban, CEO & Founder of DENT ESTET.

With over 20 years of experience in general dentistry, 14 years in implantology and 10 years in dental aesthetics, the clinic from Oradea offers patients a full range of premium dental services (orthodontics, implantology, dental aesthetics, dental treatments for children and adults) and has its own digital dental radiology laboratory.

Thanks to the new partnership, the team of doctors led by Dr. Cosmin Costea will benefit from the culture of sharing and mentoring promoted within DENT ESTET, so that each patient receives complex and correct treatment solutions, a multidisciplinary approach to the case, but also access to advanced technologies and equipment, which allow the diagnosis of dental diseases in the early stages.

Among the latest equipment available at the Oradent by Dr. Costea clinic are CBCT computed tomography, the highest digital technology, with maximum accuracy in diagnosing a maxillofacial condition; the intra-oral scanner, which reduces the treatment time, and the dental microscope, used in endodontic treatments, but also in the treatment of caries for maximum precision and control.

Our mission is to provide patients with the most enjoyable experience both medically and humanly. The strategic partnership concluded with DENT ESTET is a confirmation of all our efforts in creating an important brand in dentistry in Oradea, with values ​​centered around the patient. This step, important for us, brings us joy and we are proud that we will continue the development of Oradent by Dr. Costea clinic as part of the DENT ESTET group,” says Dr. Cosmin Costea, who is also a member of the College of Dental Surgeons in France.

Through this third acquisition, DENT ESTET takes a new step in the strategy agreed with MedLife management to facilitate the access of as many Romanians as possible to the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, to high-performance and innovative treatments, but also to the advantages offered by dentistry of the future.

Oradea plays an important role in the development strategy of the MedLife Group and we are glad that, by acquiring the majority stake of the Oradent by Dr. Costea clinic, we respect the commitment assumed together with DENT ESTET, 5 years ago, to expand dental services of excellence for the benefit of Romanians from all regions of the country. Recently, we have seen a growing interest of dental clinics in the country to join DENT ESTET group to have access to all the benefits that such a collaboration brings, and this proves, once again, that our partnership is a successful one,” says Mihai Marcu, President and CEO of MedLife Group.





The DENT ESTET Group was founded in 1999 and is currently the market leader in the field of dental services in Romania. In its 22 years of existence, the team has expanded to a number of over 350 specialists, of which 155 are doctors. They have treated 133,000 patients over time.

DENT ESTET has 12 multidisciplinary dental clinics in Bucharest, Timișoara, Sibiu, Brașov and Ploiești, intended for all age groups, 3 divisions of excellence, unique in Romania (Implant Division, Aesthetic Division and Advanced Orthodontic Division), the first digital dental laboratory - Aspen and 3 specialized digital photo studios - Future Dental Smile. All this brings together a number of 84 treatment units, on a total area of 3,800 square meters, which also includes 3 fully equipped operating rooms. DENT ESTET offers an integrated experience through the three fully digitized imaging and radiology centres, which include computed tomography (CBCT) devices.

Recognized for its contribution to the development of the private dental field in our country, the DENT ESTET group of clinics inaugurated, in 2017, the first fully digitized dental clinic in Romania and the largest Planmeca Digital Academy centre.

The list of major innovations that DENT ESTET brought to the market includes DENT ESTET 4 KIDS (2008) and DENT ESTET 4 TEENS (2012), the first dental clinics in Romania and in Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to children and teenagers and, finally, DENT ESTET founded the Dental Office Managers Association (ADOM), which trains the first generation of managers for dental clinics.

Starting 2016, DENT ESTET is a member of the MedLife Group, the largest private health care service provider in Romania.


About MedLife Medical System


MedLife Medical System started 27 years ago, has developed healthily and has become the largest provider of private medical services in Romania. Romanian entrepreneurs, who founded this company, invested and got involved to change the Romanian health system, believed in innovation and dared to aim as high as possible, to offer Romanian patients qualitative services, professionalism, care and respect for their needs.

The company operates the largest network of clinics, one of the largest networks of medical laboratories, general and specialized hospitals and has the largest corporate clients base for Health Prevention Packages in the country. It is also one of the largest private healthcare providers in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of sales.

MedLife Group has a history of success in terms of both organic growth and by acquisitions. Strong and experienced management team was able to create and manage these growth opportunities, gaining valuable knowledge and experience, which allows them to find the best way to successfully continue the expansion.

Being a Romanian company with a tradition, MedLife chose to be listed on the Romanian Stock Exchange, being a model for listings on the local capital market. It has opened up new horizons, and through the corporate governance it has implemented, has inspired other local companies to embark on this path and help develop the Romanian capital and economy. The shares issued by MedLife SA are admitted to trading on the regulated spot market administered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Premium Category, with the trading symbol ″ M ″.

During the pandemic, MedLife managed to play a key role in society and gain a detached leadership status in pandemic monitoring through active involvement in research activities. The company continues to invest in projects in technology and infrastructure, with impact on the local community. It creates jobs and develops an ecosystem that contributes to the development and maintenance of a healthy Romania.