DENT ESTET reconfirms its leading position in the dental market, with a turnover of 107.6 million RON in 2021, a 60% increase compared to 2020

  • Dynamic expansion strategy in the 6th year of partnership with MedLife; augmented portfolio with 3 clinics: Ploiești, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea;
  • DE Implant Division and DE Advanced Orthodontic Division are segments that experienced the highest growth;
  • Education and digitalization are the pillars of the investment strategy;
  • DENT ESTET continues to expand and consolidate nationally in 2022, with the opening of the Craiova clinic and other new projects.


Bucharest, May 9, 2022: DENT ESTET Group, part of the MedLife Medical System, reaffirms its position as the leader in the Romanian dental services market, registering a turnover of 107.6 million RON in 2021, a 60% increase compared to 2020 (67.1 million RON).

The growth rate at the group level was unprecedented; this was supported by opening a new clinic, strategic acquisitions, significant revenue growth in some existing clinics: 64% increase for the Brașov clinic and 57.5% increase in Sibiu, a surge in the number of unique patients, expanding the medical team to 145 (+ 38% vs 2020), the support team to 314 (+ 31% vs 2020), and the dental units to 86 (+ 49% vs 2020).


"For us, 2021 was the year with the largest territorial expansion in the 23 years of existence. DENT ESTET has opened clinics in three other important cities in the country: Ploiești, where we built a new clinic with an investment of 1.7 million euros; Cluj-Napoca, thanks to a strong partnership with Stomestet, the clinic founded by Dr. Smaranda Buduru and Dr. Rareș Buduru; and Oradea, through the acquisition of Oradent by Dr. Costea. Along with MedLife, we have continued to invest in ensuring safety measures for patients and the team, and also in digitizing our business, as we aim to meet the growing demand in Romania for painless and risk-free treatments. The surge in the number of unique patients indicates that Romanians are concerned about their dental health and that they choose DENT ESTET for the services they need and want", said Dr. Oana Taban, Founder & CEO of the group.


A 64% increase in revenue for DENT ESTET clinics in Brașov and Sibiu

The Krondent Clinic in Brașov, the first acquisition in the DENT ESTET portfolio, has recorded a 64% increase in operating revenues, from 4.7 million RON in 2020 to 7.7 million RON in the first year as part of the DENT ESTET, the leading group in the Romanian dentistry market.


DENT ESTET Sibiu, a greenfield investment launched in 2018, also recorded a significant increase. This dental clinic aimed at adults reported a solid operating income growth of 57.5% in 2021 compared to 2020, exceeding 8.9 million RON.


Complex cases in implantology and dental aesthetics top the demand for treatments


In 2021, Romanians paid more attention to dental implants and dental aesthetics services, with DENT ESTET Implant Division and Advanced Orthodontic Division being two of the main growth segments. Thanks to the medical team expertise and the investments in security and digitalization measures, DENT ESTET clinics were the choice for more and more Romanians for complex oral rehabilitation plans, with a 20% increase compared to 2020.

Additionally, in the context of a pandemic year, Romanians understood the impact of oral health on general health and complied with regular check-ups at the dentist, such that the total number of single patients in the group has surged by 11% in 2021 (compared to 2020).

At the group level, the number of single patients was approximately 38.800, which is higher than in the first pandemic year. The premium dental services provided to the corporate sector have also been a focus for DENT ESTET.


Education and digitalization - pillars of the investment strategy


Investing in education, by training future specialists, Dental Office Managers, and developing programs to support vulnerable communities, was one of the pillars of DENT ESTET's activity in 2021.


In partnership with the George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology from Târgu Mureș, DENT ESTET has laid the foundations of a unique project in the field of education, investing 80,000 euros in the renovation of a laboratory within the School of Dentistry.


The group has continued its policy of investing in the digitalization of services, given the major benefits for the patient: an increased accuracy in diagnosis, lack of pain, high comfort in the dental office, speed in execution of the treatment.


"MedLife's dental division has grown rapidly over the past six years, ending 2021 with solid financial results, confirming the team's performance and the fact that the patient invests in you with confidence when you provide the best dental services on the market. This extremely ambitious investment plan outlined in these 6 years of partnership with DENT ESTET confirms that our business model is sustainable and allows the healthy development of clinics within the group. We will continue to invest in innovation, digitalization, and also in territorial development at the national level", says Mihai Marcu, CEO and President of MedLife Group.






The DENT ESTET Group was founded in 1999, and is currently a well-established market leader in the field of dental services in Romania. With its 23 years of existence, the team has expanded to a number of approximately 500 employees and collaborators, of which 158 are doctors.

DENT ESTET has 15 multidisciplinary dental clinics in Bucharest, Timișoara, Sibiu, Brașov, Ploiești, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Craiova, for all ages, 3 divisions of excellence that are unique in Romania (Implant Division, Aesthetic Division and Advanced Orthodontic Division), the first digital dental laboratory - Aspen - and 8 specialized digital photo studios - Future Smile Studio. All this brings together a number of 98 treatment rooms equipped to state-of-the-art standards, on a total area of 4,300 square meters, which also includes 3 fully equipped operating rooms. DENT ESTET offers an integrated experience in the 8 fully digitized imaging and radiology centers, which include computed tomography (CBCT) devices.

Well known for its contribution to the development of the private dental field in our country, the DENT ESTET group of clinics inaugurated in 2017 the first fully digitized dental clinic in Romania and the largest Planmeca Digital Academy center.

Among the major innovations brought to the Romanian market are DENT ESTET 4 KIDS (2008) and DENT ESTET 4 TEENS (2012), the first dental clinics Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to children and adolescents and notably the Dental Office Managers Association (ADOM), the first school for dental office/clinic managers.

Since 2016 DENT ESTET has been part of the MedLife group, after the acquisition of the majority stake by the largest private medical services operator in our country, with 40% of the shares being owned by Dr. Oana Taban, CEO & Founder of DENT ESTET.


About MedLife Medical System

The MedLife Medical System was started 27 years ago, has experienced a healthy continuous development since and has become the largest provider of private medical services in Romania. The Romanian entrepreneurs who founded this company have invested in bringing change in the Romanian health system; they believed in innovation and dared to aim as high as possible, aiming to offer Romanian patients quality, professionalism, as well as care and respect for their needs.

The company operates the largest network of clinics, one of the largest networks of medical laboratories, general and specialized hospitals, and has the largest corporate customer base for Health Prevention Packages in the country. It is also one of the largest players in private healthcare in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of sales.

The MedLife Group has a track record of success in terms of both organic growth and growth through acquisitions. The strong and experienced management team has been able to leverage these growth opportunities, gaining valuable insight and experience in the process, allowing them to successfully continue the expansion.


A Romanian company with tradition, MedLife chose to be listed on the Romanian Stock Exchange, being a role model for listings on the local capital market. It has broadened horizons, and its corporate governance has inspired other local companies to start on this path and bring positive change to the development of the Romanian capital and economy. The shares issued by MedLife SA are admitted to trading on the regulated spot market administered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Premium Category, with the trading symbol "M".