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Prof. Dr. Paulo Maló DDS PhD and DENT ESTET bring global implantology closer to the Romanian patients.

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Dr. Paulo Maló together with DENT ESTET

Like performance, excellence in dentistry is acquired individually and is practiced in a team.

After 21 years of medical practice, we rewrite the excellence in the Romanian dentistry together with remarkable Prof. Paulo Maló, a prominent personality who has greatly influenced modern dentistry worldwide.

His innovations in the field of modern implantology make possible the treatment of dental cases that seemed untreatable, need invasive procedures or an extensive healing time. Malo Protocol grants the treatment of these cases in a shorter period of time and minimally invasive for the patient.

“The collaboration between Prof. Paulo Maló and DENT ESTET puts Romania on the worldwide map of dentistry and represents a reconfirmation of continuous learning and effort of DENT ESTET to bring the future of dentistry closer to the Romanian patients.

We are honoured with this collaboration and  we are very content of being able to offer to the patients with very complex cases the chance to benefit from the best treatment, carried out by Prof. Paulo Maló and a professional team of doctors mentored by him.”

Dr. Oana Taban, CEO & Founder DENT ESTET

Dr. Paulo Maló. Innovation. Vision

  • The inventor of the MALÓ protocol®️:
    • All-on-4®️ concept
    • Zygomatic implants
    • Nobel Speedy®️ implant
    • Maló dental Bridge®️
  • Thanks to Prof. Maló, doctors specialized in dental implantology around the world can successfully treat the most complex cases of total edentulism
  • Researcher in the field of dentistry, author of numerous books and scientific papers
  • Speaker at numerous international conferences
  • Invited professor to world-renowned universities
  • Government advisor in the economic and entrepreneurial field
  • Manager, entrepreneur and leader, he is the founder of the largest network of dental clinics in the world

DENT ESTET - a natural choice for Dr. Paulo Maló in Romania

DE All-In-One

  • Unique standards of excellence for the dental treatments in all DENT ESTET clinics
  • Dental clinics with integrated treatments and radiological investigations under one roof
  • Integrated ATI department in the clinic (reducing the patients stress level to 0)

DE Strong Team

  • The largest team of doctors in Romania certified and accredited internationally in all dentistry branches

DE Innovation

  • Revolutionary vision on Romanian dentistry - over 25 innovations introduced in premiere on this market, dental clinics with the highest degree of digitalization
  • The first dental clinic in Romania who created a strict working protocol in oral implantology: the Digital Implantology Masterplan

DE Standards

  • High quality service standards
  • Strict treatment and patient safety protocols, with 360 approach

Dr. Paulo Maló's contribution to the DENT ESTET partnership

Romanian patients tend to have complex dental problems earlier than other Western countries citizens.

Prof. Paulo Maló decided to join DENT ESTET Implant Division team in order to treat those patients with extremely long and multiple surgeries initially recommended. Through this unique collaboration, the patients benefit from an immediate treatment solution to regain the functionality and aesthetics of the smile and to improve the quality of their life.

Within DENT ESTET clinics, Prof. Paulo Maló will perform:


  • Dental implantology treatments for complex cases
  • Trainings and mentorship with DENT ESTET Implant Division team.

Who can benefit from Prof. Paulo Maló’s treatments?

  • The patients who can require an expertise from Prof. Paulo Maló and the medical team mentored by him in Romania are those with severe bone resorption due to early loss of teeth. Their initially recommended treatment necessitates bone reconstructions with multiple additions and sinus lifting.
  • This type of patient is diagnosed with an almost non-existent amount of bone, and the solution are zygomatic implants.

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