Lifetime smile makeover

Florin P.

(age 66 years)

Medical team

Dr. Paul Bores - Dental aesthetics, coordinating doctor
Dr. Vasile Brănici - Implantology
Dr. Vanda Popa - Periodontology
Dr. Vlad Platon - Endodontics

ASPEN dental technicians team

Th. Răzvan Tomoială - Expert artisan ceramist
Paul Cojocaru - CAD-CAM designer specialist

Treatment: Maxilla and mandible total oral reconstruction

  • Removal of existing prosthetic works
  • Extraction of unrecoverable teeth
  • Performing root canal treatments
  • Performing periodontal therapy with Waterlase laser
  • Application of temporary prosthetic works
  • Bredent Fast & Fixed mandible system and special prosthetic work for this system
  • Bredent maxillary implants in the lateral areas and 12 crowns of ceramic plated zirconium