Oral surgery

Oral surgery refers to various treatments that involve repairing and performing corrections to the teeth, gums and maxillary bones through a surgical intervention.

Oral surgery

Types of oral surgery procedures performed at DENT ESTET:

DENT ESTET Dental extractions

  • The extraction of a single-rooted teeth (with one root) or pluriradicular teeth (with multiple tooth roots) affected by deep cavities that are impossible to save
  • Removal by root extraction of a root residue (a residue from a tooth that has suffered dental trauma, dental fracture and can no longer be prosthetically rehabilitated)
  • Dental extraction of a included wisdom tooth ( tooth that didn't erupt from the gum), semi-included (partially erupted from the gum) or completely erupted

DENT ESTET Dental implant and types of oral surgery procedures for the dental implant treatments:

  • Insertion of one or more dental implants
  • Bone addition or bone graft, for the cases in which the patient present large bone loss; it sustains the insertion of a dental implant and offers stability for the new tooth on the dental arch
  • Sinus lifting (lifting of the sinuses - for the superior dental arch)

DENT ESTET Treatment of the periodontal pockets

  • Removal of the periodontic cysts 
  • Subgingival curettage in open and closed field
  • Debridement and elimination of residual pockets

DENT ESTET Oral surgery procedures for correction and aesthetic dentistry (gum plastic surgery)

  • gingivectomy
  • gingivoplasty

DENT ESTET Orthodontics

The teeth extraction for orthodontic treatment success is used in the dental crowding context in order to create space for the reshaping of the teeth on the dental arch.

All these treatments can be performed in DENT ESTET intervention rooms under the strict supervision of the coordinating dentist, the team of anesthetic doctors, using deep sedation (analgesia) or conscious sedation.

How is the diagnosis established?

Each diagnosis is established by consulting a medical commission that analyzes the medical file containing the digital investigations previously performed by the patient, the computerized tomography CBCT, intraoral scan, digital surgical guide,etc. and sets up the working methodology for streamlining the intervention.

Stages of the oral surgery procedure:

Preparation before surgery

Prior to the surgery, the medical team will go through the oral surgery protocol with the patient to ensure the smooth running of the process. The coordinating doctor and the surgeon will go through your medical history file and that is why it is very important to indicate in the medical record all the medicines and supplements that you take.

Depending on the complexity of the surgery and based on your medical history, you may be prescribed antibiotics before treatment, and even a diet to be taken the night before surgery (you should avoid eating or to drink 8 hours before the intervention).

Patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension will be closely monitored by our team to avoid complications.

The day of the intervention

The lenght of the intervention depends on the complexity as well as on the patient's biological material and may take up to several hours in case of complex oral rehabilitation. During the procedure, the patient is closely monitored by a medical team and a doctor specialized in anesthesia, as well using the digital assistance of state-of-the-art technologies.

Recovery after surgery

Any surgery requires a recovery period, during which the patient must follow the instructions and recommendations of the coordinating doctor so that the healing period becomes shorter and no further complications occur.

Furthermore, if the patient opted for sedation, it is recommended not to drive the car after the intervention.

Advanced Oral Surgery medical team

The medical team that coordinates the Advanced Oral Surgery department of the DENT ESTET clinics has doctors specialized in dental implantology, oral surgery and anesthesiologists with over 15 years of experience, assisted by the latest digital technology to ensure the safety of the patients during and after surgical interventions, regardless of their complexity. Our doctors have an extremely well documented and in-depth experience through international courses and reference case studies.

Also, each patient receives, after the surgery, a recovery room, and medical recommendations according to the treatment they are following.

Any complex treatment requires a deep knowledge of both the case and the patient. This is why, our medical team dedicates great time to knowing and interact with the patient, so that he can overcome any emotional or anxiety barriers that may occur before starting the treatment. Thus, the patient can ask the doctor as many questions related to the evolution and the stage of the treatment, having the certainty of a correct and clinically approved answers.

The diagnosis offered to a patient is validated with the help of a medical committee that analyzes the file with digital investigations that the patient has previously performed, namely computed tomography, intraoral scanning, digital surgical guide etc.

Patient Adela C.


Medical team:

Dr. Cosmin Anițoiu - Medic protetician și coordonator al cazului

ASPEN dental technicians team:

Th. Pavel Ciulin - Expert artizan ceramist
Th. Paul Cojocaru - Specialist designer CAD-CAM


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