Tratamente stomatologice


Professional treatment for a better quality of life and a positive impact on your facial symmetry.

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Dental Aesthetics

Veneers and dental crowns with a high degree of durability and similarities to natural teeth.

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Minimally-invasive treatments with lasers, used for gum disease, gingivitis and other periodontal conditions.


Dental braces with ceramic or sapphire brackets and lingual braces, for regaining your teeth’s functionality and looks.

Dental Prophylaxis

Complete dental hygiene programs and professional dental check-ups once every 6 months, for a better long-term oral health.

Clinical Investigations and Diagnosis

State-of-the-art digital technologies for an accurate diagnosis and predictable treatment results.

Oral Surgery

Operative treatment with the help of an anesthesiologist, for complex interventions and dental extractions.

Dental Therapy

Modern treatments with minimally-invasive lasers, used for treating cavities and dental fractures.

Microscop Endodontics

Root canal treatment with the help of an electronic microscope, used to save the tooth.


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