DENT ESTET was the first business to bring the concept of digitally-integrated dentistry in Romania, which offers unequaled precision, upping the success rate of the treatment to 100%.

The benefits of digital technologies in dentistry:

  • Fast and accurate diagnosis

  • Digitally-guided treatments, with a minimal failure rate

  • Short treatment period

  • Local action, even in the case of periodontal conditions (maintaining the integrity of the healthy surrounding soft tissue)

  • Aesthetically-pleasing results

  • Simulations of the treatment’s final results, on your first visit to the clinic

  • Faster healing of the area on which surgery has been performed

  • Pain management, through technologies which utilize instruments for controlling and isolating pain locally

  • Aesthetically-pleasing, functional and time-resistant dental crowns and veneers

  • Comfort for the patient, even when taking the dental print

Tehnologii digitale disponibile în clinicile DENT ESTET

Stomatologie laser

WaterLase® Dental Laser

WaterLase combines water, air and laser energy to treat simple or complex dental conditions, thus replacing the classic dentist tools.

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Biolase® Dental Laser

Offers many options for state-of-the-art treatments: soft tissue surgery, professional whitening and pain therapy.

Tehnologii de investigație și diagnostic

Digital Radiology Center

The latest digital technology, which offers maximum accuracy in diagnosing dental conditions, through 2D and 3D imaging, photos and cephalometric analysis, all under the same roof.

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Future Smile Studio®

Digital photos for diagnosing dental conditions with high precision.

Oral cancer screening

DENT ESTET introduces for the first time in Romania a test through which we can diagnose oral cancer in the early stages, in just a few minutes and without any pain.

Tehnologii digitale folosite pentru tratamentele de estetică dentară (fațete, coroane dentare)

Digital Smile Design®

Digital instrument which simulates the final result of the treatment, allowing you to learn more about the procedures you will undergo early-on in the treatment process.

Trios 3Shape® Real Color Intraoral Scanner

With the help of the 3D oral scanner, the time spent on the doctor’s chair for diagnosis is much shorter. The scanner is also extremely helpful in pre-treatment procedures, like digital printing.

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ZOOM® Advanced Power Lamp

Used in professional dental whitening techniques with ultraviolet light, which has the ability to activate the hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel.

Tehnologii digitale folosite pentru tratamentul cu implant dentar

Osstell Beacon® Device

Used in implantology to indicate in just a few seconds the implant’s stability and if it’s ready to be loaded.

3Shape Implant Studio®

Using this software, the doctor can insert the implant in 3D and thus measure the precise location of the implant.

Digital Surgery Guide

Biocompatible resin mold, which helps the doctor in accurately inserting the dental implant.

The Wand® Digital Anesthesia

The latest technology in dental anesthesia with a digitally-controlled dosage.

Florida Probe® Software

Used in periodontal analysis, for a complete dental status in real-time.

Endoret PRGF®

Using the centrifugal force, this piece of equipment extracts the plasma proteins from the patient’s blood. The plasma is then used on the areas on which surgery has been performed, for faster recovery.

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Tehnologii digitale utilizate în tratarea cariilor profunde și în tratamentele de canal

AquaCare Velopex

A new innovation in ”contacless” dentistry, used in minimally-invasive cavity treatments and for improving dental whitening.

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